Certificates for qualified electronic signature (QES) have the power of your handwritten signature. Your customers and suppliers are assured of the correspondence you exchange, and all administrative bodies at national and local level accept documents signed by your eSign electronic signature.

With eSign You can protect your Internet communications by encrypting your emails. To do this you need to set your email client, as described in the operating instructions below:

 Instructions for working with Mozilla Thunderbird

 Instructions for working with MS Outlook 2007

 Instructions for working with MS Outlook 2010
 Instructions for working with MS Outlook Express

With eSign You sign the documents you create, so that your authorship is proven in an unquestionable manner. You can also encrypt and protect them from changes. Learn how to do this in the guides for the respective application:  

 Instructions for working with Adobe Acrobat Pro

 Instructions for working with MS Word 2007
 Instructions for working with MS Word 2010


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